Technical info


Do you think that production data collection is too complicate for the production operators? Are you tired about the bunch of production paper running up and down from shop floor to production office? Do you need to have in a glance the status of each work center in production area?

Everyone round to you is talking about Industry 4.0 but you feel you are still too far form that and you are looking for a starting point.

In this case Trockpit can be the solution for you.  Trockpit is a top-floor-to-shop-floor tool available directly in SAP as an add-on.

With Trockpit:

  • the production operator can post directly in SAP, via a friendly and easy user interface all the main production order data like finished product quantity, raw material consumption, setup and production time.
  • the product responsible can prepare the operation sequence for each work center; control the order execution, make adjustments to the order sequence and deploy it to the operator’s workplace.
  • The plant director can check on line the production status with a set of real time reports.

Trockpit: make production easy with SAP.