Do I need an additional server to install Trockpit?

No, Trockpit is an add-on that is directly installed in your SAP ECC environment.

How can I access Trockpit from SAP environment?

You enter Trockpit using two different transaction code: one for the line operator and one for the production manager. There’s as well a third transaction to get a quick status overview of all the work centers.

How long will it take for the operators to learn how to use it?

The user interface is quite self-explaining. Normally for line operator one day of training is more than enough.

Which kind of SAP license shall I assign to an user who logs on to SAP to use Trockpit only?

The license needed is the SAP Worker user.

How many work center I can manage in a single SAP Trockpit workplace?

There are not functional limitation. The only functional limit is that the SAP workplace must be easily reached from each of the works center by the production operators.

I’ve already developed my labels in SAP; can I use them in Trockpit?

In general yes, If they are developed as Smartforms; there’s just some additional work to adapt the fields to the Trockpit label form interface.